Bridge (en)Manager Guide UsersHow do I enroll users in a group or learning content item with a CSV file as a manager?

How do I enroll users in a group or learning content item with a CSV file as a manager?

Learners whose unique identifiers (UIDs) already exist in Bridge can be enrolled in specific groups, courses, programs, live trainings, or checkpoints with a CSV file.

Before uploading, please confirm how to properly format the CSV file.


Open Author or Admin Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1].

To add users to a group, click the Admin menu option [2]. To add users to a learning content item, click the Author menu option [3].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Manage Groups

To add learners to a group via the Admin menu option, click the Users and Permissions link [1] and click the Manage Groups link [2].

Open Group

If adding learners to a new group, click the Add New Group button [1]. Click the Manually add or remove learners option [2]. If adding learners to an already-created group, click the name of the group from the group list [3].

Note: You cannot add users via CSV to smart groups, the All Learners group, or auto-generated manager domain groups.

Open Members

In the group page, click the Members tab [1] to display the export enrollments options [2].

Open Learning Content Item

To add learners to a learning content item via the Author menu option, click the Courses [1], Programs [2], Live Trainings [3], or Checkpoints link [4]. Then, click the name of the learning content item you would like to edit [5].

Note: You cannot add learners to surveys via a CSV file.

Open Learners

In the learning content item page, click the Learners tab [1] to display the CSV enrollment options [2].

Add via CSV

Add via CSV

To add users to a group or learning content item, click the Add via CSV link.

Add Learners

Drag and drop the CSV file onto the page. You can also browse and choose a file on your computer.

Ignore CSV Column Headers

If your CSV file contains column headers, click the This file has column headers checkbox so that Bridge will ignore the first line of your file.

Note: The CSV import page will only allow you to preview 5 rows of data.

Assign Login ID

Drag the Login ID key to the column containing the unique identifier (UID), which could be a learner's name, employee ID, or email address.  

Note: Bridge will ignore learner UIDs that are present in the CSV file but don't already exist in your account. Only learners with a preexisting UID that matches their Login ID will be added.

Import File

When you are finished formatting your CSV file, click the Finish button.

Confirm Import

Bridge will display the status of your CSV import and confirm your import.

Click the Confirm button.