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How do I use the Career Timeline as a manager?

The Employee View menu lets you view the timeline for each of your employees. Depending on your company’s account configuration, your employee’s learning items shown in the timeline are also accessible from the Employee View. 

Open My Team Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1], then click the My Team option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Employee Agenda

In the My Team page, locate the employee's card and in the agenda drop-down menu, select the Check-in option [1]. Then click the View Agenda button [2].

Open Timeline

Open Timeline

In the Employee View menu, click the Timeline link. 

View Timeline

By default, the timeline contains HR events, all completed goals, achievements, 1on1 sessions, assessments, and learning items within the last three months.

To change the date range of your employee's timeline, click and drag the Date Range slider [1] or select a date range from the Custom Date filter [2].

You can filter your view by timeline item [3], view reports [4], view your employee's timeline summary [5], and add items to your employee's timeline [6].

View Timeline Summary

To view your employee's completed items summary, click the Summary link [1].

The summary shows items that are included in the preselected date range [2].

To return to the timeline, click the Summary link [3].

Add Achievement

Add Achievement

To add an achievement to the timeline, click the Add button [1] and select the Achievement option [2]. 

Add Achievement Details

Add Achievement Details

To add a title to the achievement, click the Achievement field [1] and enter the title. 

To add a description, click the Description field [2] and enter the description.

To add a due date, click the Due Date field [3] and choose a date from the Calendar menu. 

Click the Done button [4].

View Timeline List View

To view a list of your employee's HR events, goals, achievements, completed 1on1s, assessments, and learning items, click the List View icon.

View Timeline Report

Click the Report link.

Create Report

Use the toggles to select which timeline items to include in your report [1]. Choose a date range [2] and whether to sort by recent, oldest, or type of timeline item [3]. Click the Create Report button [4].

Download Report

To download the report, click the Download PDF button [1] or Download CSV button [2].

Open Employee Menu

You can quickly switch between viewing your different direct reports’ information by clicking the Employee View menu icon. 

View Employee Menu

Click the name of the employee you would like to view.

Close Employee View

To return to the My Team page, click the Close icon.