Bridge (en)Manager Guide AgendasHow do I use a 1on1 agenda as a manager?

How do I use a 1on1 agenda as a manager?

The 1on1 agenda includes a current 1on1 agenda that shows discussion guides, tasks, achievements, and learning items that have been added by you and your employee.

Different agenda management options are displayed on each employee card depending on the status of the employee’s current 1on1 agenda. The Create Agenda link is displayed when the employee’s agenda is blank. The View Agenda link is displayed when the employee’s agenda contains at least one task, achievement, or discussion guide. 

Open My Team Page

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1], then click the My Team option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Employee Agenda

Click the Check-ins tab to view your Check-in agendas [1]. Then click the View Agenda button [2].

View 1on1 Agenda

The 1on1 Agenda page includes an active 1on1 agenda [1], private notes [2], the option to switch between different types of agendas [3], and more options to view archived agenda items and 1on1 agenda history [4].

View Agenda Items

View Agenda Items

The active 1on1 agenda includes a shared agenda [1], notes (if applicable) [2], task list [3], and employee goals [4]. The agenda also includes achievements [5] and learning items [6].

Achievements, tasks, discussion guides, and text can be added to the agenda. Tasks added to the agenda are displayed in the Task list in the Global Navigation menu.

Note: You can only assign learning items that appear in your organization's Learning Library.

Reorder Agenda Items

You can use the drag and drop option to reorder agenda and task items. Click the drag handle next to the agenda or task item. Drop the agenda or task item in the desired location by releasing the mouse.

View Agenda Types

View Agenda Types

To switch between the different agenda types, click the My conversations icon [1] and select the agenda type [2].

View Private Notes

The 1on1 agenda also includes a Private Notes section. Private notes are only visible to you and cannot be viewed by your employees or Bridge administrator. Private notes will be added to the current agenda and will remain associated with the agenda when you complete the 1on1 session.

To add a private note, click the Private Notes icon, then add your text.

View Archived Agenda Items

To archive an agenda item, hover over the item and click the Archive icon.

On the Archived Agenda Items page, you can search for and restore agenda items. Archived items are listed in chronological order.

Complete 1on1

Complete 1on1

When you are finished conducting your 1on1 session, click the Complete 1on1 button.

View Past Agendas

To view past agendas, click the more options icon and then click the History link.

On the Agenda History page, you can view and search for past agenda items. Agenda histories are listed in chronological order.