Bridge (en)Admin Guide UsersHow do I export users from an account from the Users page?

How do I export users from an account from the Users page?

You can export user data via CSV file, including date of last visit and total time spent in Bridge.

Note: Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Admin Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Admin menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Manage Users

In the Users and Permissions menu [1], click the Manage Users link [2].

Export Users

Click the Export Users link. All users will be included in the export even if the user list has been filtered by role.  

View Export Status Page

A new window will open displaying the status of the export. Click the Cancel button to cancel the user export.

Open Downloaded File

Open Downloaded File

After the export is complete, Bridge will automatically download the zip file which contains the user report. To open the user report, click the the name of the file.

Open User Report

The user report includes:

  • Unique Identifier (UID)
  • User Name
  • User Email
  • User Role (including current custom roles)
  • User Hire Date
  • User Job Title
  • Number of Completed Courses
  • Total Enrolled Courses
  • Number of Completed Live Trainings
  • Total Enrolled Live Trainings
  • Date of Last Visit (last login date)
  • Total Time in Bridge (recorded in seconds)
  • Any custom login fields (department, manager, location, etc)

Note: Deleted enrollments will be excluded from the export.