Bridge (en)Admin Guide Account SettingsHow do I deactivate a subaccount?

How do I deactivate a subaccount?

Admins can deactivate a subaccount within the Manage Subaccounts page in Bridge.


  • Deactivating a subaccount is a permanent action and cannot be reversed.
  • This feature is not available in Bridge for Teams accounts.
  • This feature is enabled by default for account admins, but can be turned on for admins and IT admins.

Open Admin Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Admin menu option [2].

Note: The Global Navigation menu may differ depending on what is enabled in your account.

Open Subaccounts

In the Account Management menu [1], click the Subaccounts link [2].

Open Subaccount

Click the name of the account.

Deactivate Subaccount

Click the Deactivate This Account button.

Note: Users who are active in the subaccount at the time of deactivation will remain in the deactivated subaccount and cannot be added to another subaccount.

View Deactivated Subaccount

The deactivated subaccount's name will be shown in gray in the Manage Subaccounts page. To view a list of only the deactivated subaccounts, click the Filter By menu [1] and select the Inactive Accounts option [2].