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How do I manage the Talent Review tool as an Admin?

The Talent Review tool allows managers and executives to plan for their employees' future. The Talent Review tool also assists in determining which employees are meeting their potential and which may need additional resources to succeed. Account admins can customize and format several components of the Talent Review tool and begin and end review cycles.


  • Talent review data may contain private or sensitive information. Facilitator permissions should extend only to those authorized to view and edit sensitive employee data.
  • An admin must enable this feature before you can access the tool.
  • Some features may be restricted based on user role permissions.

Open Admin Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1]. Then, click the Admin menu option [2].

Open Talent Review Settings

Click the Account Management link [1] and then click the Talent Review link [2].

Customize Evaluation Questions

Account admins and facilitators can customize the Talent Review 9 Box axes titles [1], questions [2], question descriptions [3], and categories [4] to fit the specific goals and needs of an organization. For each question, the least desirable characteristic should be entered as the first category [5], a neutral characteristic as the second category [6], and the most desirable characteristic in your employees as the last category [7]. To edit the default text of any of these fields, click the existing text field and add your own text.

Create Action Plan

Account admins and facilitators also have the option to add and customize an action plan for an employee after a review. Admins can edit the title [1], description [2], prompt question [3], categories [4], and category descriptions [5] of the action plan. To add a category, click the Add Category link [6]. To delete a category, hover your cursor over a category and click the Delete icon [7]. To disable the action plan, click the Action Plan toggle button [8].

Note: Language translation is disabled for all fields when any text is customized on this page.

Start New Cycle

Once your talent review settings are customized, scroll to the top of the page and click the Start New Cycle button to open a new review cycle.

Note: Talent Review questions cannot be customized during an open cycle.

End Current Review Cycle

To immediately end a review cycle and move the cycle data to Talent Review history, click the End Current Review Cycle button.