Bridge (en)Admin Guide CareerHow do I add events to employee career timelines as an admin?

How do I add events to employee career timelines as an admin?

As an admin, you can add human resource (HR) events to an employee’s timeline.

Note: Some features may be restricted based on permissions for your user role.

Open Admin Menu

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Application Switcher icon [1], then click the Admin option [2].

Open Timeline Settings

Click the Account Management link [1], then click the Timeline link [2]. 

View Employees

In the Search field [1], type an employee's name and then press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard. Click the employee's name [2].

Add Event to Timeline

To add an HR event, click the Add to Timeline button [1].

To view the employee's timeline, click the View [employee name] timeline link [2].

To return to the admin page, click the Back link [3].

Create Event

Add an HR Event Title [1], HR Event Description [2], and date of event [3].

In the Viewable by drop-down menu [4], select the visibility option (Admins, Admins & Managers, or Admins, Manager, & Employee).

To add an attachment to the HR event, click the Add Document link [5].

Add Attachment

Add Attachment

To upload an attachment, you can drag and drop the file in Perform [1].

To select a file to upload, click the choose a file link [2], locate and select the file on your computer, and click the Choose or Open button.

Save Event

To save the HR event, click the Done button.

Note: Depending on the event's visibility, the event may not be seen by the employee.