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What content can be embedded in Bridge?

Content from secure external websites can be embedded in Bridge courses using the Embedly integration. Embedly supports hundreds of websites, called content providers, and a wide variety of them are compatible with the Bridge authoring tool.

Note: Bridge does not support all Embedly content providers at this time.

Find URL Protocol

Find URL Protocol

Each content provider comes with its own URL protocol that is required for the media to be displayed successfully. URL protocols can be found by clicking the provider's name in the provider list and following the URL Scheme listed on the content provider's page. For example, if you would like to embed content from Flickr, your url that is pasted into Bridge must begin with one of the four listed options. The asterisk represents the rest of the url that is unique to your content (i.e.

Note: Google Drive is not specifically listed as a content provider on The URL protocol for Google Drive is provided in the list below.