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How do I search in the Bridge directory?

If enabled for your account, you can search the Bridge directory for people in your organization and view their profiles. Profiles include an employee’s name, profile picture, title, department, location, contact information, manager, personal summary, skills, and teammates.

You can also search in the Bridge directory for skill communities, where you can explore and view other users in your organization that are interested in developing specific skills.

Open Search

In the Global Navigation menu, click the Search icon.

Search Directory

In the Search field, enter a name, title, email address, or skill. The results of your search automatically populate.

If no results automatically populate while you type, finish typing the search term and press the Return or Enter key on your keyboard.

View Search Results

The profile cards of people with information that partially or fully match your search display below the Search field. Each person's profile card contains a profile picture [1], a first and last name [2], and a title and department [3].

To view a person’s directory profile, click a profile card [4].

If you entered a skill name in the Search field, the skill communities that partially or fully match your search will also display below the Search field [5].

View Profile

A directory profile contains a person's profile picture [1], name [2], title and department [3], location [4], manager [5], and a link to the Org Chart [6].

The directory profile also contains a person's contact information [1], a personal summary [2], interests and skills [3] and teammates [4]. If the person is a manager, their direct reports also display [5].

To return to the Search Directory page, click the Search link [6].

Open Skill Community

To view a skill community, in the Search Directory page, click the name of the skill community.

View Skill Community

A skill community contains the profile cards of other people from your organization who are interested in that particular skill.