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Online PD Courses Overview

Updated Nov 05, 2020

MasteryConnect's Online PD has a library of instructional videos that will take you step by step through many assessment and curriculum features. You can also find videos about our mobile apps, Admin features, and the Socrative website. Because Online PD is available on demand, you can learn anytime, anywhere!

Access Online PD

Access Online PD

Access Online PD at or by clicking the Online PD Icon in the MasteryConnect dashboard. You can also access Online PD through the help center. Just look for the Online PD logo to get started!

Resume Course

Resume Course

To continue the courses from where you last left off, click Resume Course.

View Video Progress

Your progress in each course is displayed below the video.

View Course Selections

View Course Selections

To view the course selections, click Courses on the top left and scroll down.

View Course Content

To view the content of each course, click on the course that you want to view.

Add Notes

You can add personal notes to each video by clicking the notepad icon to the top right of the video.  Click the question mark icon to answer reflection questions about the video.

View Individual Courses and Reports

To review any individual course, click the Courses button on the top left again.  You can click on any of the topics to view videos specifically about that topic.

If you are an administrator, you can view reports for Online PD course progress for your school or district.  Click Reporting on the top left.  To view the progress of individual teachers, click the school name.

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