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Add Assessments to a Curriculum Map

Updated Sep 22, 2021

If you have not already created a curriculum map, please see our Help article, Create a Curriculum Map for more information.


  • Only the author of a district-approved curriculum map can add assessments or make other edits to it.
  • District-approved curriculum maps cannot be copied.

Open Map

Open Map

Click on Maps.

Click on the curriculum map to open it.

To add a multi-standard assessment, hover over the menu button and click on Add Assessment. To add a single standard assessment, hover over the menu button on that specific standard, and click on Add Assessment.

Add Assessment

Select how you want to add the assessment (Search the Community, Select from My Assessments, or Create New Assessment).

After you have selected or created an assessment, click on Add to CMAP.

Confirm Selection

Confirm Selection

Select the check boxes for each curriculum map you want to add it to, and click on Add to Selected.

That assessment is now connected to the standard in your curriculum map. You can see a thumbnail in the standard or standards you are assessing.

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