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Create Custom Standards

Updated Dec 01, 2020

In order to create custom standards, you must first have authorization from your district. Once you have created a custom standard, you can use it in a tracker or curriculum map.

Open Custom Standards

Open Custom Standards

Click on Maps, then click on Custom Standards.

Select Course Option

Select or Create Course

Custom standards can only be added to an unpublished course.  Select a course that has not yet been published, or click Add Course to create a new one.

Open Standards Tool

Open Standards tool

If you're creating a new course, click the Add Standard button. Otherwise, hover over the menu button and select Add Standard.

Create Custom Standard

Create Custom Standard

Click Create New Standard. Enter a Name, Short Description, and Description for the custom standard. When you are finished, click Create.

View Custom Standard

View Custom Standard

The custom standard will appear on the top of the course list.  You can drag and drop standards to rearrange them.

After you've added and rearranged the standards, hover over the menu button and select Publish, or go back to your list of courses and click on the Publish button.

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