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Create a Tracker from a Shared Curriculum Map

Updated Nov 30, 2020

If someone from your school or district has created a curriculum map and shared it with you, you can create a tracker from it in just a few steps. When you create a tracker from the curriculum map, it will include any standards, assessments, and resources associated with that map. In order to make changes to a curriculum map that has been shared with you, you will need to copy the map first.  For more information on copying curriculum maps, please see our Help article, Copy the Curriculum Map.

Find Shared Tracker

Find Shared Tracker

Click on Maps.

Click on Shared With Me.

Find the map you want to use for your tracker, and click on Create Trackers from Map.

Enter Tracker Details

Enter Tracker Details

Enter the information for your new tracker, then click on Create Tracker.

To create additional trackers from the same curriculum map, find the curriculum map in Shared With Me, or Using in Trackers, and follow the same steps above.

Note: When you create multiple trackers from the same curriculum map, be sure to name each tracker uniquely or according to the section or class you're teaching.

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