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What is the New MasteryConnect Student Experience?

Updated Mar 09, 2021

The New MasteryConnect Student Experience provides students with an updated user interface and accessibility options while taking an assessment. It is visually clear and facilitates an intuitive experience for students.

Note: The student tools shown in this lesson may not be available in all student assessments. Admins and instructors can customize which tools are available for enhanced accommodation assessments.

The New MasteryConnect Student Experience interface features easy-to-access navigation [1]. To navigate through the assessment questions, click the page navigation buttons [2] or the arrow buttons [3]. The page progress bar indicates how much of the assessment the student has completed [4].

Use Enhanced Student Experience Tools

Use Enhanced Student Experience

Students can use the Toolbar [1] to access additional assessment options. To enter full screen mode, students can click the Full Screen icon [2]. Students can also access the Review feature in the new student experience [3] and adjust accessibility options [4].

Use Review Feature

Students can review their assessment prior to submission. To quickly navigate between assessment items, students can click the item number they would like to review [1]. This will take the student directly to that assessment item. To exit the Review tool, click the Close icon [2].

View Accessibility Options

View Accessibility Options
View Accessibility Options

Students can also adjust new accessibility features to suit their individual needs. Students should first click the Accessibility icon in the assessment Toolbar [1], and from there, they can adjust the interface color scheme contrast [2], font size [3], and zoom [4].

View Tools and Accommodations

Your institution may have allowed additional tools and accommodations for students to use in the New Student Experience. These accommodations are available in both EA (enhanced accommodation) benchmark and EA formative assessments. Learn more about assessment tools and accommodations

Pause Assessment

To pause or unpause the assessment, students can click the Pause button. If a student needs to log out of the system, pausing the assessment will save the student's progress.

Submit Assessment

When the student has completed their assessment, the Finish button will become active and show a dark display color [1]. Students can click the Finish button to submit their assessment.

A dialog box will display asking for confirmation. Students should click the Yes button to confirm their submission [2].

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