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Create an Item Bank Assessment

Updated Jan 21, 2021

Open Assessment Creation Tool

Click on Assessments, then click on Add Assessment.

Enter Assessment Details

Enter Assessment Details

First, provide the basic assessment information (type, subject, core, class, standard, title and optional description).

In the Assessment Source list, select an item bank. Item Banks will only appear if your school or district has made them available.

Add Item

Add Item

Item bank questions are filtered for the standard that you selected. You can filter them further by passage, item type, DOK, or item number using the filters options provided.

Click the item number to preview it, and then click the Add Item button if you want to add it to the assessment. Otherwise, click the X on the top right corner to close it and preview another item.

Alternate Ways to Add Items

There are also several other ways to add items to the assessment:

  • Drag the item from the left column and drop it into the right column.
  • Click on the + on the right of the item to add it.
  • Add a random amount of standard-aligned items by entering the amount in the box at the top of the item and clicking the icon next to it.

Create Assessment

Create Assessment

Enter the Mastery and Near Mastery Scores for your assessment, then click on Create Assessment.

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