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Edit an Item Bank Assessment


Item Bank Editing Conditions

Item Bank Editing Conditions

This table shows which parts of an Item Bank assessment can be edited and at what stages of use.


Item Bank Assessment Editing Options

Open Created Item Bank Assessments
Edit Created Assessment
Filter and Add Items

To find the item bank assessment, click on Assessments, and then click on Created. To narrow your search, use the filter options in the search bar.

Once you have found the assessment, click on the assessment title.  Then click the pencil icon at the top right of the assessment preview.

Here, you can change your quiz title, description, or mastery cut scores.  If this assessment is already in your tracker, these are the only edits you can make.  To make any other edits, either delete the assessment from your tracker and then edit it, or clone the assessment, edit the cloned version, and then add it to your tracker. Please keep in mind that if you delete an assessment from your tracker you'll also delete any scores that have been entered for that assessment.

To add questions to the assessment, click on the next to the question you want to add. If you want to add a random amount of questions, enter the amount in the box and then click the shuffle icon next to it. To view the question before you add it, click on the question title, and then click on Add Item.

To remove questions from the assessment, click on the X next to the question you want to remove. To view the question before you remove it, click on the question title, and then click on Remove Item.

When you're finished editing, click on Save Changes.


  • When you edit an item bank assessment that contains classic content and is not located in any trackers, any items that can be updated to enhanced accommodation are automatically replaced. You will see the updated items in the Items in Assessment column. 
  • There may not be updated enhanced accommodation content for each item. If an item cannot be replaced, you will still be able to view the item and replace it with a different item from the bank.
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