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Deliver a Benchmark Assessment

Updated Jul 02, 2021

In order to deliver a benchmark assessment, you will need to log in to MasteryConnect and locate the test ID. Benchmarks can also be delivered using a standard bubble sheet. 


  • If you are using a test coordinator or proxy to deliver the benchmark, they will need to have the correct test ID. Also, have them check out our article on delivering a benchmark for a teacher.
  • This is a district-only feature. 

Open Benchmark

Open Benchmark

Log in to MasteryConnect and click Trackers, or if you received an email from your district, click on the link provided in your email.

From the list of trackers, find the one that contains the benchmark you are delivering, and click on it.

As you look at the tracker, you'll notice that the dark columns are the benchmark assessments, and there is a tab with a at the top. Click on the header of the benchmark to open it.

Open Test ID Dialog Box

Open Test ID Dialog Box

Click the Assess tab to open the test ID dialog box.

View or Generate Test ID

Here, you will see a six-digit test ID (like the one above). If you see dashes instead of the number, click Generate new Test ID

If the district administrator has allowed tools and accommodations for the assessment, icons indicate the status of each tool or accommodation. A shaded icon indicates the tool or accommodation is allowed. An unshaded icon indicates the tool or accommodation has not been allowed for the assessment.

Note: Test IDs are automatically set to expire 7 days after they have been generated. If you want to set a specific expiration time (such as the end of the testing or class period) see our help article on setting a custom expiration time.

Direct Students to Enter Test ID

Direct Students to Enter Test ID

Once you have the test ID, give it to your students, and have them enter it in MasteryConnect's Student portal.

Direct Students to Enter Student ID

Direct Students to Enter Student ID

Also, each student must enter their student ID. If a student does not know their ID number, you can find it next to their name in MasteryConnect.

Administer Benchmark Assessment

The student will now be able to take the benchmark assessment on their device.  It is very important that you instruct the students to click the Next button after they answer each question, and not to click the Finished button until they have completed the entire benchmark assessment. After the test is submitted the student cannot reopen it; if they submit it before they are finished, you will need to contact MasteryConnect support for assistance.

When the student has completed the entire assessment, their scores will automatically be recorded in the tracker.

Note: Any rubric questions will need to be manually graded in the tracker by the teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions...

I don't see the benchmark. Why isn't it in the tracker?

  • The benchmark may not have been added to the tracker. Please contact to your district administrator. 

What happens if I change the test ID while the test is in progress?  

  • Any tests that are in progress using the old test ID can not be submitted and students will lose their scores. Have them write down their answers, and then contact your district administrator and they may reopen the test. 

What does it mean if my students see an error message "Saving Failed?

  • It is an internet connection issue. Have the student write down answers. Troubleshoot internet connection.

How do I contact MasteryConnect Support if a student submits their test before they are finished?

  • Contact support by submitting a support ticket from your masteryConnect account. You will need the test ID and student name, teacher and tracker. 
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