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View Administrative Reports

Updated Mar 09, 2021

You can view an overview of your administrative reports in the Admin Reporting page.

Open Reporting Overview

Click the Admin link [1]. Then hover over over the Reporting tab [2] and click the Overview option [3].

View Overview Report

The Overview Reports page displays a progress summary for your institution [1]. You can also view progress summaries for each of your institution's schools [2].

Filter Report Results

Filter Report Results

You can filter the displayed results to view more specific data.

To view mastery progress over time, click the View drop-down menu [1]. View options include Overview and Timeline.

To view results by subject, select from the Subject drop-down menu [2].

To view results for specific learning standards, select from the Core drop-down menu [3].

To view results from previous school years, select from the School Year drop-down menu [4] and select the Include Archived Data checkbox [5].

Click the Apply button [6].

Sort by Student Demographics

Sort by Student Demographics

Click the Demographic Options drop-down menu [1]. To select a demographic, click the checkbox next to the demographic name [2].

Note: Only institutions synced with an SIS have the option to sorting reports by student demographics.  

View School Report

The Overview Reports page also displays reports for each school associated with your institution [1]. To view grade and class-level reports, click the school name link [2]. To view details for a chart item, click the chart [3].

To print a report, click the Print button.

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