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EdFi Assessment Data Export

Updated Dec 17, 2020

To export assessment scoring data, make sure you've set up a server connection first. For more information on this, please see our Manage Data Export Connections article for more information.

Open Assessment Type

Click on Admin, then hover over Assessments and click on Benchmarks or Formative, depending on which assessment you are exporting.

Locate Assessment

Find the assessments you want to export scores from. You can search for the assessments by filtering the subject, created by, status, or when the assessment was delivered.

Select the check box for the assessments you want to export.

Send Scores to Server

Click on the Export button, and select Send Scores to Server.

Confirm Export Details

Confirm Export Details

Title the export and select the API connection you want to send scores to, and click on Send to server.

You will be redirected to the Export Dashboard (Connection History tab) where you can monitor the progress of the Export.  The status of the export may say one of the following:

  • Success - The data was successfully sent.
  • In Progress - The data is currently being sent, but the process is not yet finished.
  • Queued - If there are multiple data submissions at once, any jobs that are queued will be the next to be submitted.
  • Failed - There was an error in the process. Click on Retry to edit your connection settings. Check all of your connection settings, then click on Update and Retry. If this does not fix the problem, check with your IT Administrator. 

You can always go back and view the history of your exports.  You will also have the option to re-send them to the server or download them as a CSV.  Check the Data Export History.

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