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Using Videri

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Videri has a standard header bar at the top of the application from which all actions within the application can be initiated.

Left Side of the Header Bar:

  1. Videri - Opens the landing page.
  2. Visuals - Lists charts and dashboards, grouped in folders by functional area. To learn more, read about the Visuals Library.
  3. Watchlists - Displays watchlists available to you and allows you to create a watchlist
  4. Perspectives - Displays scorecards, which are the best way to get a 360 view of a school, teacher, or student. 
  5. Data Explorer - Allows you to dig deeper into your data by applying filters, categorizing or disaggregating. Explorations that you create or that were published to you are available here. You can also start a new exploration. To disaggregate and drill down on an existing chart or scorecard, use the Data Explorer.

Right Side of the Header Bar:

  1. Back Arrow - Takes you back to the previous screen.
  2. Double Arrows - Expands the application to full screen to have a larger usable area to view the charts and scorecards.
  3. Magnifying Glass - Search for charts, dashboards, watchlists, scorecards, or explorations.
  4. Question Mark - Opens the online help center.
  5. Profile - Allows you to access your login credentials and administrative controls.


The view you see depends on your role. Check out Managing User Access for details on charts and dashboards available based on roles.

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