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How do I use the Visuals page in Videri?

Updated Sep 03, 2021

From the Visuals page, you can view the charts and dashboards in your Visuals Library. You can also view visuals shared by your organization, and you may be able to create a new dashboard.

Open Visuals

Open Visuals

In the Navigation Menu, click the Visuals link.

View Visuals Page

From the Visuals page, you can create a Dashboard by clicking the Create new dashboard button [1].

The Visuals menu displays the Yours section [2] and the Organization section [3].

View the Dashboard links [4] and the Chart links [5].

View Yours Section

View Yours Section

In the Visuals menu Yours section, you can view the following categories:

  • Favorites [1]: Visuals you added as Favorites.
  • Created by You [2]: Visuals you created or are available to you by default.
  • Published to You [3]: Visuals shared to you by another user.
  • Published by You [4]: Dashboards you shared with other users.

View Organization Section

In the Visuals menu Organization section, you can view visuals available through your institution in categories such as:

  • Academics
  • Finance
  • Assessments
  • State Accountability
  • Data Validation

Open Visual

To open a visual, click a category link [1]. If sub-categories exist, click a sub-category link [2]. Then click the visual link [3].

To open a chart used in a dashboard, click the dashboard's plus icon [4]. Then click the chart link [5].

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