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How do I customize or manage a dashboard in Videri?

Updated Sep 03, 2021

A dashboard is a collection of charts. You can customize and manage a dashboard using the Sidebar options. You can edit the dashboard, delete it, export it, apply filters, or add it as a favorite.

Open Visuals

In the Navigation Menu, click the Visuals link.

Open Dashboard

In the Visuals menu, click one of the category links [1]. Then click a dashboard link [2].

Open Dashboard Sidebar

To open the Dashboard Sidebar, ensure any chart on the dashboard is not selected. Then click the Tools Menu icon [1]. The sidebar displays to the right of the dashboard [2].

Note: If a chart on the dashboard is selected, the sidebar displays chart options, allowing you to customize or manage the chart.

View Dashboard Options

To customize or manage the dashboard as a whole, you may use the following options in sidebar:

  • Manage [1]: If you created the dashboard, you can edit or publish the dashboard.
  • Delete dashboard [2]: If you created the dashboard, you can delete it.
  • Send to [3]: You can print, email, save, or export the dashboard. You can save the dashboard as a PDF or as JPG image. When you export the dashboard, each chart is saved as a separate tab within a Microsoft Excel workbook.
  • Filters [4]: You can narrow the scope of the data on all the charts in the dashboard. Learn more about applying dashboard filters.
  • Add to favorites [5]: You can add or remove the dashboard in the Visuals menu Favorites category on the Visuals page.
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