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Apply Dashboard Filters

Updated Mar 19, 2021


How do I apply dashboard filters?


  1. For the filters to be applied to the entire dashboard, ensure there are no charts selected.
    If a chart is selected, it will have a blue border around it.
  2. Open the Actions menu by clicking on the hamburger icon at the top right side of the screen.
  3. Click Filters in the Actions menu.
    This presents applicable filters for the functional area.
  4. Click the filter name you wish to use or click the down arrow located next to filter name.
    This expands a list of dimensions or categories that can be used to filter data.
  5. Click the desired filter.
    The dashboard is redrawn with charts reflecting data associated with checked value(s) only. The remaining, unselected values, are filtered from dashboard charts.

Academics Dashboard Filter Example

For district staff roles, Academics function area dashboards initially present data for the district as a whole; for school administrator users, dashboards initially present data for their school. In either case, the data is aggregated for all grade levels, all subpopulations, and for all ethnicity and gender groups.

You can filter out one or more school type, school, grade level, race/ethnicity, gender, and/or subpopulation. For example, when viewing a dashboard aggregated for the whole school district, you may want to narrow the scope of all charts in the dashboard to one or more school type.

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