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What actions can I use to refine data exploration results?

Updated Mar 19, 2021

When you use the Data Explorer, there are common actions used to dissect and display your institution's data.

Categorize / Sub-Categorize

You can categorize or sub-categorize data to view more focused components of the data. When a categorization has already been applied to the exploration, this action displays “Sub-Categorize” instead. 


Disaggregation, or drilling-down, refers to the selection of an existing categorized item and expanding the results by a new category. Due to the nature of how disaggregation works, it is intended to be activated by selecting a bar or line from an existing chart, which subsequently displays available categories to choose from. 

You can switch between the selected items to have the new chart be redrawn with the highlighted section. 

Unlike categorization, disaggregation can be repeated an unlimited number of times. 

Filter by Category

The Filter by Category action allows the you to include or exclude specific data categories. This action helps focus your analysis on data of interest.

Once a category is selected, values within the category are displayed. Each can be selected or unselected to setup the desired filter.

Top N

The “Top n” action allows you to restrict a chart to show only a specified number of top or bottom values of data. This is useful when the you want to identify the highest or lowest values in a chart so that further analysis can be focused just on those. Here the “n” represents the number of top or bottom values to include on a chart; you must provide the desired count “n”.

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