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How do I select Visuals Library items for synchronous updates with the Videri Master Library?

Updated May 14, 2021

Videri includes a Master Visuals Library with pre-configured charts and dashboards that quickly and meaningfully display student data. As a Videri admin, you can manage your institution's Visuals Library for all users and by user role. Additionally, Videri periodically updates Master Visuals Library items. When Master Library items are updated, you sync the updates to display in your institution's Visuals Library.

Note: By default, you must manually sync all updates from the Master Library with your institution's account.

Open Videri Administration Page

Open Videri Administration Page

In the Toolbar, click the Profile icon [1]. Then click the Manage organization link [2].

Open Library

In Administration Navigation click the Library link [1], or on the Videri Administration page, click the Library link [2].

Open Synchronize Updates

On the Manage Library page, click the Synchronize Updates link.

View Updated Library Items

View Updated Library Items

Updated visuals display an Updated icon [1]. To synchronize updates to your institution's Visuals Library, click the Synchronize [n] Item(s) button [2].

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