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How do I explore data displayed in a student scorecard?

Updated Jun 25, 2021

Student scorecards display overall student data and progress toward key performance indicators set by your institution. To further analyze student data or metrics, you can explore any data widget in a scorecard using the Data Explorer.

Open Perspectives

Open Perspectives

In the Navigation Menu, click the Perspectives link.

Open Student Scorecard

Open Student Scorecards

On the Perspectives page, click the Created by You link [1]. Then click the Student Scorecard link [2].

Select Student

On the Search for Student page, locate the student in the student list and click the Select button [1].

Note: You can search for a student using the Search field [2].

Open Sidebar

Open the sidebar by clicking the Tools Menu icon.

Open Data Explorer

To explore any data area of the scorecard, click on a section or data area widget [1]. Then, click the Explore link [2].

View New Exploration

A new exploration displays in the Data Explorer. View the selected scorecard section or area widget metrics.

Learn more about using the Data Explorer.

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