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How do I log in to Videri?

Updated Jul 10, 2021

Depending on how your login is configured, you may log in to Videri via single sign-on (SSO) or by navigating to the Videri URL to open the login page. At the login page, you may log in using your Videri credentials or your Google account credentials.

If you are an administrator, learn more about configuring the sign in process for your users.

Access Videri via SSO

If your institution has configured SSO on an intranet website, click the link to Videri. Your account is automatically validated and you are logged into Videri.

Open Videri Login Page

To log in to Videri via the login page, type your institution's Videri URL in an internet browser [2]. The Videri login page appears [2].

Log in with Username or Email

Log in with Username or Email

To log in using your Videri Username or email address, type either into the field provided [1]. Click the Next button [2].

Note: The first time you log in you must enter your institution-provided username and create a password. To finish logging in, verify your account via an email sent to your institution-provided email.

Log in via Google

Open Google Login

To log in using your Google account, click the Login with Google button.

Enter Google Credentials

Enter Google Credentials

Log in with your Google account credentials, or select your account.

View Videri Home Screen

After logging in, the homescreen appears. Learn more about setting your homescreen.

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