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State Standards Search

Updated Mar 19, 2021

State Standards Search 

You can search for standards directly in order to do any of the following:

  • View the standards in a document.
  • Discover which concepts and topics are associated with a standard.
  • See what assets have been aligned to a standard.

Viewing the Standards

To search standards:

The Search Standards page looks like the one below, where you can click on a state either on the interactive map or using the alphabetically arranged list of states below it.

To browse through a group of standards:

1.) Click on a state or another group. You see the documents in the system for that state. For example:

Above, there are three standards documents listed for New Mexico. These are color coded to tell you what is enabled and in your license:

  • Documents in blue are currently in the license agreement and enabled for alignments.
  • Documents in black are currently in the license agreement but disabled in the alignment system.
  • Documents in grey are not in the license agreement for your account. They may be obsolete or no longer used by the authority.
  • Documents in purple or another color are those you have clicked and viewed previously.

Note: These colors indicate the same information on all the screens used for standards searching.

2.) Click on a document. You see a list of subjects. Each subject shows the year it was released in parentheses, and may display notes about its effectiveness.

Tip: The red heading at the top of the screen shows the path you have taken so far. Each part of the path is a link, so (in the image below) “Browse” takes you back to the map of the US, “New Mexico” takes you to the screen above, and “Content Standards” returns you to this screen.

3.) Click on a subject. You see list of grades or grade bands. If any grades were released in a later year, the year is displayed in parentheses. 

4.) Select a grade. The top levels (strands) of the document are displayed.

The following functionality is only available if you are licensed for AB Connect Professional.

At the top of the screen, you will see a choice to turn On or Off the "Alignment Mode" while viewing these standards.

When you are simply browsing a standards document, keep the "Alignment Mode" set to "Off." When this is turned to "On," you can align assets to standards on this page. If you want to learn more about aligning to standards from this page, please refer to the Aligning Directly to Standards.

5.) Click on the strand of your choice to encounter the next level of the document.

Viewing the Concepts and Topics Associated with a Standard

Click on the book icon next to a standard to see information on common terms/concepts in a separate window. It shows you what concepts and topics are associated with a standard. An example of this window is shown below:

Note: This is a pop-up window which may be blocked by your system. If the window does not appear, please adjust your Pop-up Blocker settings accordingly.

Viewing the Assets Aligned to a Standard

If a standard has a link icon next to it, then that standard has assets aligned to it, somewhere in the system. The "x[number]" next to the icon tells you the total number of assets aligned to the standard. For example, the standard below has been aligned to 1 asset:

To see the assets, click on the link icon. The pop-up window shows you which assets have been aligned to that standard, from any project in the system.

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