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Obsolete Standards Policy

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Obsolete Standards Policy 

States and Education Agencies periodically revise or replace existing standards and eventually declare older standards obsolete. To ensure the integrity of the Standards Data, on a quarterly basis, Certica Solutions reviews for obsolete standards documents.

At the end of each quarter, Certica Solutions marks documents found to be no longer in use, by the state or agency, as obsolete. No later than the last day of the quarter, clients can go to the Obsolete tab found in the Manage Standards License on the home page to locate all files designated as obsolete. Obsolete files are listed in red on the Obsolete tab.

Certica Solutions designates a file as obsolete when:

  • the document no longer appears on the active website, or
  • such files are archived on the agency website, or
  • the agency’s website explicitly states that the standards have been or will be declared by a specified date, obsolete.

Before we declare a standards set obsolete, Certica Solutions contacts the agency to verify a document’s status. Clients with an existing license for such standards may continue to use the files, but Certica Solutions no longer supports those files. When the agency website states that obsolete standards will be replaced by a new set, Certica Solutions may not declare existing standards obsolete until the most current set is available in the Academic Benchmarks system.

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