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Managing Standards

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Managing Standards 

The Manage Standards page allows you to access, review, and make changes to the standards documents that are associated with your license.

From the Standards menu, choose Manage Standards to open the Manage Standards page, showing various tabs of information.

The content of each tab is described in the sections that follow:


This tab shows all documents for which your account is currently licensed, either via your initial agreement or subsequent addenda/orders.


This tab shows documents that have been added to your license, but have yet to be requested. While these documents may or may not be newly released, the system considers them new to you because you have not requested them for delivery. See Requesting New Standards Documents for more information.


This tab shows documents that are pending request for delivery. The request will process overnight and your documents will deliver by the following morning. You may cancel requests from this tab.


This tab shows documents that have been delivered to your account at anytime in the past. These documents are available for download via the ftp site. However, you should also check the Changed tab to see if there have been any updates to the document if it has been a while since the file was delivered. From this tab, you can re-request any document.


This tab shows documents in your license for which content has changed since you last requested them. These changes can be AB changes and/or changes from the state. See Identifying Changes Made to Standards for more information.


This tab shows documents that have been marked obsolete in the AB standards database. Please see our Obsolete Standards Policy for more information on how AB determines a document is obsolete.

Documents in this tab remain available to you, until you explicitly choose to remove them. An obsolete document may still be aligned to and reported on as long as it is enabled. Once a document is removed, any alignments made to it are lost.


This tab shows documents, or parts of documents, for which you are licensed, but for which you have chosen not to include for data delivery and/or in the alignment system.


This tab allows you to manage the portions of your license that will be available for requesting to download or for use in the alignment system. Step-by-step instructions are provided at the top of the tab. Additional information is available in Configuration of Documents for Delivery or Alignment.

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