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Manage Resources (User Accounts)

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Manage Resources (User Accounts) 

If you are an administrator, you can create or edit user accounts through the Manage Resources page: From the Projects menu, select Manage Resources to create or edit user accounts. The Manage Resources page appears.

Creating a User Account

To create a new user account click the "Add New Resource" link.

Fill in the First Name, Last Name, Email/Login, and Password.

Specify whether the user should be "Active" yet or "Inactive."

Select Access for the user as follows:

  • Search - ability to search and browse standards
  • Aligner - ability to align Assets within specified projects
  • Reports - ability to request reports only (no alignment access)
  • Reviewer - same abilities as "Aligner" plus "Reports"
  • Database - ability to request Standards files only (no alignment abilities)
  • Administrator - same abilities as "Reviewer", plus data exchange, configuration, project creation, assignments, manage resources, etc.

Contact Information is optional. Fill out the information if you would like the user to be included in email notifications/alerts. First select their Role, enter their email address (or select the option to use the email from the section above), and select the types of email notifications the user should receive.

Click Add to save the user account.

Editing a User Account

To edit a user account, click on the user’s name on the Manage Resources page. The fields for a user account appear. Make any changes and then click Update.

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