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Getting Started - Alignments

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Getting Started - Alignments 

The following steps are intended to help new users, or current users looking for a refresher, get started using their AB account to create and maintain their alignment projects.

1. Creating an Asset Type

The first step in preparing your account for building alignments, is to create your Asset Type(s) and the metadata fields that are to be included. See Creating an Asset Type for instructions on doing so.

2. Loading Asset Data

Once the Asset Type and metadata fields are created, the next step is to have your assets and asset metadata loaded into the system. AB Support or Services will load your data, as it is provided. Loading Asset Data into the Alignment System is a guideline for providing the appropriate data and formatting the file(s) correctly for load.

3. Administrating AB Aligned

The next step is set up and organize assets and the various projects through which you might be aligning the assets. This includes the following:

4. Aligning Assets

Once alignment projects have been set up and assigned, users tasked with aligning can access assignments or projects and align assets.

Other methods of aligning are also available. See Aligning By Other Methods for more information.

5. Training & Support

If at any time you would like to request training in the alignment system, please contact us

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