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Content Connection

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Content Connection 

Content Connection allows you to identify assets that require cross-content standard alignments, specifically to the Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) set of "Literacy in History/Social Studies" and "Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects" standards.

These standards are examples of cross-curricular standards, which have the intent of covering skills that cross subject areas. These Common Core standards cover ELA skills that are applied to Social Studies and Science texts.

The difficulty with these cross-curricular standards is that alignment to them needs to be appropriate and intentional for each asset. Not all ELA assets contain Social Studies (SS) or Science (Sci) texts, and not all SS or Sci assets cover ELA literacy skills.

AB Content Connection

If you have assets that may require alignment to the Common Core Literacy standards mentioned above, you may add the property called “Content Connection” to an asset type. See Creating or Editing an Asset Type for more details on adding a property to an asset type.

Once the Content Connection property is added to an asset type, a user can apply one or more of the following tags to an asset of that type:

  • Literacy in History/Social Studies
  • Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects

If an asset type has the Content Connection asset property, the following are true:

  • Cross-curricular literacy standards will be recommended for assets with an associated Content Connection tag.
  • If no tag is added, no literacy standards will be recommended for alignment.
  • ELA concepts are searchable without ELA as a subject in the asset.
  • Literacy standards will be recommended according to the concepts included and the standards mapped to the tags.
  • API calls will recognize the property on tagged assets and respond accordingly.

If an asset type does NOT have this property, then the alignment system generates alignments based on the concepts included, regardless of whether the standards are found in general ELA standards or the cross-curricular literacy standards.

Note: Prior to the availability of the Content Connection property, some users were adding science or social studies chains to assets in order to have the Literacy standards recommended for alignment. This is no longer necessary. Any chains of this sort should be removed and replaced with the use of Content Connection asset property.

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