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Copying Alignments

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Copying Alignments 

If you have several assets requiring similar alignments, you may copy alignment from one asset to another. Once you have completed the alignment for the first asset, you can copy a variety of items (concepts, grades, subjects, etc.) to a similar asset (or assets) so that you do not have to start from the beginning to align the asset.

To copy alignment or other aspects from one asset to another:

  1. Align at least one asset by concept or align the asset by standards tree.
  2. Click the "Copy Alignment" link located in the middle upper portion of the Align Assets By Concepts page or the Align Assets By Standards page.

The Copy Alignment page appears.

The asset from which you are copying is listed at the very top.

Search for Other Assets

In the “Copy to asset” box, use the filters to search for specific assets. You may copy information to as many assets as you would like.

Once you have searched for the assets, two new boxes appear. These are labeled Copy Method and Items to Copy.

Choose a Copy Method

The Copy option takes whichever information you have selected from the original asset and adds it to the new asset. For example, let's say there are three assets. Asset 1 has concepts A, B, and C. Asset 2 has concepts E and F. Asset 3 has not been worked on and has no concepts. If you Copy the concepts from Asset 1 to Asset 2, it will have concepts A, B, C, E, and F. Asset 3 will now have concepts A, B, and C.

The Replace option removes any existing work and replaces it with the information from the first asset. Using the example above, if you use the Replace method when copying concepts from Asset 1 to Asset 2, Asset 2 would only have concepts A, B, and C after the copy. Concepts E and F will have been removed. Asset 3 will still have A, B, and C.

Choose Items to Copy

This section allows you to determine what information you would like to copy from one asset to another.

Note that the items to copy are limited to the project or assignment you are currently working in. So, if the project or assignment only contains standards from three states, and you are copying State Matches, the only standards that will be copied will be from those three states.

Choose Assets to Copy To

In the bottom section, choose the assets to which you want to copy this information. You can click the box in the right column next to “Copy To This Asset” and click Copy, or you can click the box at the top or bottom that says "Select All."

The information about the asset displayed in the box is what has been selected as “Viewable” in the asset type.

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