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Selecting an Asset for Alignment or Tagging

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Selecting an Asset for Alignment or Tagging 

If you are tagging or aligning an asset, you first need to select an asset from your project. One asset is currently active at a time. The information in this article explains how to view the metadata for the currently active asset, how to edit it if needed, and how to select different assets.

By default, all the assets in the project or assignment are available, one at a time. For example, when the Align Assets by Concept page displays, you see the currently active asset:

The top of the screen contains metadata and other information about the currently active asset. Metadata that has been loaded into the system is on the left side of the screen (i.e. Asset ID, Title, Subject, Grade, etc.)

Note: Sometimes it is necessary to create a link to the asset within the system if not all information can be contained by the asset properties. In this case, a View Natively link will be established by AB Technical Services to the right of the Asset Information.

You may edit the asset properties/metadata using the Manage This Asset link. See Managing Individual Assets for details on editing an asset.

Choosing Other Assets

To go to other assets:

  • Use the Next and Previous buttons.
  • Or, you may limit the set of assets by clicking the Define Asset Set link. Make selections using the fields provided to indicate which asset or group of assets to filter on and work with. Then click Search. The set of assets is now limited to the ones found by the search. The "Active Filters" area on the right side of the page shows that you have a filter on.


  • You may use the % symbol as a wildcard in text fields. For example, to search for assets with “area” somewhere in the title, go to the Title field, type in %area%, and click Search. Assets with the word “area” become available.
  • Filtering by Asset Status can be an efficient way to move through an assignment if you are not finishing the assignment in a single sitting. All assets in a project start out in Defined status. After you complete an asset, you move it to Review status. If you set Asset Status to Defined, the system will always show you the assets you still need to complete. Then you do not need to click Next through all your completed assets to find the ones you have yet to start.

Changing Projects/Assignments

If you need to align assets that are located in another project/assignment, you may select another project/assignment.

To change projects/assignments:

  1. Select an assignment/project from the Available Projects drop-down menu.
  2. Click Change.

Note: "Active Filters" shows you any filters you may have applied via the Define Asset Set. The Refresh link allows you to refresh your asset. You may want to click this after you have made decisions in the middle section of the alignment process to fully see all decisions you have made.

Changing Alignment Status

As assets move through various stages to completion, the status of an asset will change. This helps a project manager track the progress of an assignment. Default values are:

  • Defined
  • Confirmed
  • Aligned

To change the status of an asset, click make a selection from the Alignment Status drop-down menu.

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