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Tagging an Asset with Topics

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Tagging an Asset with Topics 

The primary way to apply topics to an asset is by using the Standards Tree alignment system. This system consists of a series of folders which you click open to drill down to the deepest level of the AB Topic Taxonomy.

NOTE: Before tagging an asset with topics, the project should be using the Standards Collection titled "AB Taxonomies" and the "Align by Standards Tree" option for the "Default Alignment Tool."

1. Select an Assignment or Project

If you know you have assignments planned out for you:

From the Projects menu, select My Assignments and click on a current assignment. The Align Assets by Standards Tree page appears. (For more information on assignments, refer to Accessing Assignments.)

If your team does not use assignments:

  1. From the Projects menu, select Manage Projects and select a project or phase of a project. The Align Assets by Standards Tree page appears.
  2. Or, from the Alignment menu, choose Align Assets by Standards Tree. The Align Assets by Standards Tree page appears. Select a project or phase from the "Available Projects" drop-down menu and click Change.

2. Select an Asset

Select an asset from the project by using the Next and Previous buttons or refer to Selecting an Asset for Alignment or Tagging to learn about assets and other ways to select an asset.

3. Select topics from the Standards Tree

In the image below, you can see that the AB Topic Taxonomy is first broken down by subject and then by grade band. The subject and grade are pre-determined by the project and asset, so when you go into an asset you will only see the appropriate subject(s)/grade(s).

To select a topic, click open each folder down the hierarchy of the tree until you reach the deepest level of the taxonomy. You know you hit the deepest level when there are no more folders and a sheet of paper icon is next to the topic. For example:

After you have reached the deepest level of the tree, include the topic you want by selecting Include from the drop-down menu next to the topic.

After you select Include, the topic is highlighted in green and you see a check mark next to the drop-down menu.

There is no limit on how many topics you can apply to an asset. You should always apply the topics that reflect the skills or pieces of knowledge being covered in the asset.

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