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Aligning by Standards Tree

Updated Mar 19, 2021

Aligning by Standards Tree 

Aligning by Standards Tree allows you to view the complete standards documents within the applicable standards collection. The standards are also filtered by the relevant asset metadata, which provides grade and subject filters on the standards documents.

To align by standards, begin with these steps:

  1. Choose Align Assets by Standards Tree from the Alignment menu.
  2. Select a project, phase, or assignment from the "Available Projects" area and click Change. The left side of the screen is replaced by the Standards Tree view.

Once you have navigated to the Align Assets by Standards Tree page, you see all active standards documents, organized by state or entity, in folders on the left side of the Standards Tree section. Each state has a (+) sign to the left.

To align to a standard in the standards tree: 

  1. Navigate to the standard you want by using the interface provided:
    • Clicking on the (+) sign to expand the state to reveal the relevant documents. 
    • Within each document, you can open the subjects, grades, and standards within that state. 
    • You can minimize folders by clicking the (-) sign.
    • You can open multiple folders simultaneously, allowing you to review standards across states, grades, or strands.
    • As you navigate through the Standards Tree, you may encounter standards that are already highlighted in green. These standards have already been aligned; this is a visual indicator.
  2. Choose Include from the drop-down menu next to the standard. The standard becomes highlighted in green.

Note: You can align at all levels of a document. 

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