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How do I switch to another user's account to impersonate a user?

Updated Apr 30, 2021

As an admin, you can impersonate any active user in your account. You cannot impersonate users whose accounts are archived. When you impersonate a user, you switch to their account. Videri displays as if that user is logged in, and their login history updates to display a log in. To return to your account, you may need to sign out of Videri and re-log-in to your Videri account. If the user is also a Videri admin, you may be able to return to the user page and select to impersonate your own account.

Open Videri Administration Page

Open Videri Administration Page

In the Toolbar, click the Profile icon [1]. Then click the Manage organization link [2].

Open Security

In Administration Navigation click the Security link [1] or on the Videri Administration page, click the Security link [2].

Open Users

In the Security Management Navigation Menu, click the Users link [1], or on the Security Management Overview page you can click the Users link [2].

Impersonate a User

To impersonate a user, locate the user in the User list and click the Impersonate button.

As an admin you can impersonate any active user in your account. When you impersonate a user, you leave your account and switch to that user's account.

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