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Reserving Item Bank Items (includes video)

Updated Sep 08, 2021

USER LEVEL:  Only an enCASE District Test Coordinator (DTC) has access to this feature.  

A DTC can reserve items from an assessment, preventing teachers from adding those items to other classroom assessments. This can be helpful if, for example, a district does not want teachers using the same items for their class quizzes that will be appearing on district-wide assessments at another time. 

This article and related video discuss how a DTC can reserve items by marking an assessment as "Private". Marking an assessment as "Private" prevents other users from viewing or using the items until the DTC makes them available again by making the assessment "Public." 

Watch the video: Marking an Assessment Private to Reserve Items

Reserving Items

If you are a DTC, you may reserve items from an existing assessment by locating the assessment and marking it "Private" by doing the following:

  1. From the Assessments menu on the top menu bar, choose Classroom.
  2. Locate the classroom assessment (created from an Item Bank) using the available filters.

Locate the assessment in the list that appears.

Slide the Public-Private switch to “Private” to reserve/hide the items.

The items on the private assessment are now unavailable for adding to another assessment. Users who are creating or editing assessments will not locate these items when searching for items on the Edit Assessment or Create Assessment pages. 


There may be district-common assessment called "Algebra Week 12" containing items 142955, 142946, and 142947 and several others. If a DTC marks "Algebra Week 12" as private, the items 142955, 142946, 142947 and the rest cannot be added on any other assessment. This is because the items are essentially hidden from the item bank. If a teacher or another user in the district was creating a new assessment or editing an existing one, these items will not appear when the user searches for items to add to their assessment. (See Creating an Item Bank (Classroom) Assessment for more information on creating an assessment.)

Note: If items from a private assessment are added to other assessments prior to the assessment becoming private, the items remain on those other assessments.

Additionally, be aware of the following when marking an assessment as private:

  • Only a DTC may schedule a private assessment. 
  • If a non-DTC user schedules an assessment and then a DTC makes it private, the existing schedules are still valid.
  • Only a DTC may preview or edit a private assessment. 
  • Students may take a private assessment if they are scheduled to take it.

Making Items Available Again

To make an assessment and its items visible for other assessments again, a DTC should follow the steps above to locate the assessment and slide the Public-Private switch to "Public". This makes the items visible in the item bank again and available for others to add to assessments. 

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