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Test Comparison Report (Multiple Assessments)

Updated Sep 24, 2021

The Test Comparison Report summarizes performance by standard domain or strand for multiple assessments. The report also optionally calculates the difference in score between two tests or the average across more than two tests. 

Open Assessment Analytics

Open Assessment Analytics

To access the Test Comparison Report, click the Reports drop-down menu [1] and select Assessment Analytics [2].

Select Assessments

Select Assessments

To view the Test Comparison Report, click the Multiple Assessments tab [1]. Click the Report drop-down menu [2] and select Test Comparison Report. Select two or more assessments [3]. Then click the Run Report button [4]. (Refer to Accessing Assessment Analytic Reports for details.)

Note: Choose assessments that cover the same subject and that are aligned to the same standard set with the same strands.

Select Report Display Options

The display options for the report includes the strands of the first selected assessment (Test 1) [1].

To compare the strands from Test 1 with strands from the other selected assessment(s), select strands [2] or choose Do Not Include. 

To display a percentages or raw scores on the report, select a type of score for each strand [3].

If you are comparing two assessments and you want the report to display the calculated difference between the scores for each test, click the Calc Diff checkbox [4]. To display the calculated average between the scores, click the Calc Avg checkbox [5].

To view the report, click the Generate button [6].

Note: It is best to compare like-strands.

View Test Comparison Report

View Standards Aggregate Report

The Test Comparison Report includes Report Parameters [1], a bar graph comparing the selected assessments by strand [2], and scoring results by strand for each assessment [3].

To view a different report for multiple assessments, click the Switch Report drop-down menu [4]. Select an option from the menu and click the Run Report button [5].

To view a different report for a single assessment, click the Report Menu link [6].

Select Report Parameters

View Standards Aggregate Report

In the Report Parameters section you can filter the data displayed in the report using the following filters:  

  • School Year [1]: Select the school year for the report.
  • District [2]: Select the school district for the report.
  • School [3]: Select the school data to view in the report.
  • Teacher [4]: Select the teacher whose course data will display in the report.
  • Class/Section [5]: Select the class or section for the selected teacher.
  • Group By [6]: Select the level of data to view on the report.

To run the report with the selected filters, click the Run Report button [7].

To export the report as a CSV (comma-separated values) file, click the Export to Excel button [8].

Note: To create a PDF, you can export to an Excel file and then save the file as PDF.

View Visual Comparison

View the tests being compared and number of students who took each test [1].

View the color coded key for the bar graph [2].

View average scores for each test by strand. by standard abbreviation [3]. Hover the cursor over a bar to see its exact numeric value.

View Score Results

The lower part of the Test Comparison Report displays scoring results (Mean/Average, Median, and Mode) for each strand [1]. There is a column for each selected test [2]. If the Calc Diff and Calc Avg report display options were selected, the report also displays the difference between the tests [3] and the average across the tests [4].

Note: If the difference is negative, the Test 2 scores were lower than those of Test 1.

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