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Student Profile Report

Updated Sep 24, 2021

The Student Profile Report lists all the assessments a student has taken and their overall scores for each. 

Open Assessment Analytics

Open Assessment

To access the Student Profile Report, click the Reports drop-down menu [1] and select Assessment Analytics [2]. (Refer to Accessing Assessment Analytic Reports for details.)

View Student Profile Report

View Standard Summary Report

The Student Profile report includes three sections: Report Parameters [1], student information [2], and assessment data [3].

To view a different report, click the Switch Report drop-down menu [4]. Select an option from the menu and click the Run Report button [5].

Select Report Parameters

Select Report Parameters

In the Report Parameters section you can filter to a group of students using the following filters:

  • School Year [1]: Select the school year for the report.
  • District [2]: Select the school district for the report.
  • School [3]: Select the school of the students.
  • Teacher [4]: Select the teacher of the students.
  • Class/Section [5]: Select the class or section of the students.

To run the report with the selected filters, click the Run Report button [6].

Select Student

To view results for an individual student, click the Student drop-down menu and select a student for the report.

View Student Information

The Student Information section displays the student's ID (i.e. Student Number) [1]. It also displays the student's school where they took the assessment and their grade level when they took the assessment [2].

If the assessment was administered during the 2021-2022 school year or later, the Student Information section displays the student's demographic information at the time they took the assessment [3]. Demographic information includes race, Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, gender, IEP status, and ELL status.

Note: If the assessment was administered prior to the 2021-2022 school year, all demographic information displays as "Not Specified."

View Assessment Information

View assessments taken by the selected student for the selected school year. View the assessment name [1] and the student's percent correct score [2].

To access the Testing Activity Report or the Testing Activity By Student Report for an assessment, click the Report drop-down menu [3].

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