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Standards Aggregate Report - By Student (Multiple Assessments)

Updated Jul 01, 2021

The By Student report summarizes standard performance across multiple assessments for individual students. The report for each standard lists every student and shows the number of times (and percentage of time) the student got the standard correct.

Open Assessment Analytics

To access the By Student Report, click the Reports drop-down menu [1] and select Assessment Analytics [2].

Select Assessments

To view the By Student Report, click the Multiple Assessments tab [1]. Click the Report drop-down menu [2] and select By Student. Select one or more assessments [3]. Then click the Run Report button [4]. (Refer to Accessing Assessment Analytic Reports for details.)

View By Student Report

The By Student report includes Report Parameters [1] and results organized alphabetically by student last name for a selected standard [2].

To view a different report for multiple assessments, click the Switch Report drop-down menu [3]. Select an option from the menu and click the Run Report button [4].

To view a different report for a single assessment, click the Report Menu link [5].

View Report Parameters

In the Report Parameters section you can filter the data displayed in the report using the following filters:

  • School Year [1]: select the school year for the report.
  • District [2]: select the school district for the report.
  • School [3]: select the school data to view in the report.
  • Teacher [4]: select the teacher whose course data will display in the report.
  • Class/Section [5]: select the class or section for the selected teacher.
  • Standard Set [6]: select the learning standard set for the report.

To run the report with the selected filters, click the Run Report button [7].

To export the report as a comma-separated values (CSV) file, click the Export to Excel button [8].

Note: To create a PDF, you can export the file and then save the file as PDF.

View Student Results

For the selected standard, view the selected test names and the number of students who were tested on the selected standard [1].

View the student's ID and name (last name followed by first name) [2].

View the student total average percent correct over all standards for all the selected assessments [3].

For the selected standard across all selected assessments, view the number of correct items [4], the number of incorrect items [5], and the percent of correct items [6].

To select a different standard, click the Jump to Standard drop-down menu [7] and select a standard.

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