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Response Distribution Report

Updated Jun 25, 2021

The Response Distribution Report provides extended information about each item, including its aligned standards, the item itself, and response results for the item. Compare student responses by Teacher, Grade, and School to district-wide response distribution.

Open Assessment Analytics

Open Assessment Analytics

To access the Response Distribution Report, click the Reports drop-down menu [1] and select Assessment Analytics [2]. (Refer to Accessing Assessment Analytic Reports for details.)

View Response Distribution Report

The Response Distribution Report includes Report Parameters [1], item information [2], and distribution data for the item responses [3], including those for the district.

To view a different report, click the Switch Report drop-down menu [4]. Select an option from the menu and click the Run Report button [5].

Select Report Parameters

Select Report Parameters

In the Report Parameters section you can filter the data displayed in the report using the following filters:

  • School Year [1]: displays the school year selected for the report.
  • District [2]: displays the school district selected for the report.
  • School [3]: select the school data to view in the report.
  • Teacher [4]: select the teacher whose class data will display in the report.
  • Class/Section [5]: select a class or section for the selected teacher.
  • Group By [6]: select the level of data to view on the report.

To run the report with the selected filters, click the Run Report button [7].

To view the report for a different item, click the Jump to Item drop-down menu [8] and select an item number.

To highlight the correct answer for the item in green, click the Show Correct Answer checkbox [9].  

View Item Details

View the number of students tested [1].

View details about the item [2], including the Item ID, the item's related standard, and the item itself.

View Distribution of Responses

View district level response distribution [1].

View the response distribution for a group [2] (school, teacher, or class/section) according to the Group By report parameter.

Note: If you are a teacher, the data reflects only your students.

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