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Defining Cutpoints for Performance Levels

Updated Mar 26, 2021

When you define cutpoints for an assessment, you create performance levels into which student scores will fall. You can give the performance levels names and base them on percent correct scores. Then when you run the Performance Levels Report or the Standard Summary Report, performance level results are displayed.

Certain users may define cutpoints. If you are a District Test Coordinator (DTC), you may set cutpoints for tests in your district. If you are a teacher, you may set cutpoints for classroom tests associated with you. 

Defining Cutpoints

To define cutpoints:

  1. From the Assessments menu at the main dashboard, choose Assessment Analytics. (Or, if you are already in the Assessment Analytics area, choose Report Menu from the top menu bar.)
  2. Use the filters to locate an assessment at the bottom of the screen. See Accessing Analytic Reports for details. 
  3. Click Cutpoints. The Manage Cutpoints page appears.

Use the filters to set the scope for the cutpoints. These can be created at a district, school, or classroom level, depending on your user role.

Click Add level. Additional fields appear.

Enter a label/title for the performance level as it should appear on report. Choose a color to associate with this level. Enter a Min Level and a Max Level percent correct for this level.

Click Add level again and repeat the step above, adding levels until all the scores from 0% to 100% are covered by a performance level. Make sure no score ranges overlap.

If you want to set cutpoints at a classroom level, select a District, School, and Class in the filters at the top of the Manage Cutpoints page, and then add one or more classrooms using the Apply to classrooms drop-down menu (located below the levels):

Click Save Changes.

Run a Performance Levels Report or a Standard Summary Report.

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