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TN Scaled Benchmark Reports

Updated Jun 18, 2021

This article and related videos explain the information provided on Tennessee scaled benchmark reports. 

These reports are provided as PDF and XLS reports via ShareFile®. You can also access them online if they were taken online. See Scaled Benchmark Reports for information on accessing these reports online. 


Below is a partial sample of a 7th Grade Math Tennessee Scaled Benchmark Administration Report (Class Level):

Assessment Results

(refer to the image above)

(1) Perc Corr – The percent of items answered correctly.

(2) Proj Ach Level – Projected Achievement Level for the student, based upon the difficulty of the assessment and the percent correct. 

  • 1 – Below grade-level (Below), with levels of High (+), Low (-), or Midlevel (no sign) designated.
  • 2 – Approaching grade-level (Approaching), with levels of High (+), Low (-), or Midlevel (no sign) designated.
  • 3 – On grade-level (On-track), with levels of High (+), Low (-), or Midlevel (no sign) designated.
  • 4 – Mastered grade-level (Mastered), with levels of High (+), Low (-), or Midlevel (no sign) designated.

For classrooms, school, and district summaries, the Proj Perc Prof (Projected Percent Proficient) includes achievement levels 3 and 4.

(3) Sugg Marks (if given) – Suggested Marks. These numeric and letter grade marks are suggestions that take into account the difficulty level of the assessment. They are only suggestions, as any grading is always the domain of the teacher/school/district.

Additional Categories

Note the following for the additional categories shown on the report:

  • The performance on all the additional categories are given in Achievement Levels 1-4. Refer to the Proj Ach Level description above for details on each achievement level.
  • The aggregate data for teachers, schools and districts in each category are the averages of all students’ achievement levels for that category.
  • Under the names of the categories “n=#” indicates how many items there were under the particular category.

(4) Depth of Knowledge – How each student performed on items in DOK levels 1, 2, and 3.

Text Difficulty/Text Complexity (ELA only) – How each student performed in each of the 3 Text Complexity/Difficulty Levels: Readily Accessible (Easy), Moderately Complex (Medium), and Very Complex (Hard).

(5) Standard (or other) Results – How each student performed in each of the categories assessed (standards, objectives, domains, competencies, or strands).

Note: The category used in the Results section depends on the subject and the number of standards covered on the assessment. If there are enough items per standard/objective (i.e. the most specific category available), the report is by standard/objective. Otherwise, the report is by a higher (less specific) category (i.e. strand, domain, etc.) that best reflects student understanding. Some categories may also be grouped together.

Genre Results (ELA only) – How each student performed on the items in each of the Reading Genres:

  • Literary
  • Nonf/Inform

Topic Results - Social Studies and US History reports include the following column heading objective abbreviations:


Unit Name (on pacing) Abbreviation Objectives
Westward Expansion WesEx US.01-US.02
Industrialization and Immigration Indus US.03-US.07
The Progressive Era Prog US.08-US.18
Imperialism Imp US.19-US.22
World War I WW1 US.23-US.27
The Roaring Twenties 20s US.28-US.38
The Great Depression and the New Deal Dep US.39-US.44
World War II WW2 US.45-US.58
The Cold War ColdW US.59-US.70
The 1950s and Kennedy's Administration 50s US.71-US.77
Civil Rights Movement CRM US.78-US.82
The 1960s to the Present 60sPr US.83-US.95


Unit Name (on pacing) Abbreviation Objectives
Colonization Colnz 8.01-8.12
Road to Independence RdInd 8.13-8.16
American Revolution AmRev 8.17-8.20
Creating a New Government NwGov 8.21-8.24
The New Nation NewNt 8.25-8.28
Growth of a Young Nation YngNt 8.29-8.33
Growth of Sectionalism: The South SecSth 8.34-8.36
Growth of Sectionalism: The North SecNth 8.37-8.40
Reform Movements of the Early 1800s Refrm 8.41-8.43
The Jacksonian Era Jack 8.44-8.48
Exp/Div of the Nation EDNt 8.49-8.60
Civil War/Reconstruction CWRec 8.61-8.75


Unit Name (on pacing) Abbreviation Objectives
East Asia EstAs 7.01-7.11
Byzantine Empire Byzn 7.12-7.14
Southwest Asia and North Africa SwaNa 7.15-7.20
West Africa WAfr 7.21-7.26
Middle Ages in Western Europe MidAg 7.27-7.39
The Renaissance Ren 7.40-7.43
The Protestant Movement PrRef 7.44-7.49
Scientific Revolution ScRev 7.50-7.52
Indigenous Civilizations of the Americas CivAm 7.53-7.57
Age of Exploration Expl 7.58-7.65


Unit Name (on pacing) Abbreviation Objectives
Foundations of Human Civilization FdHC 6.01-6.04
Ancient Mesopotamia Mespt 6.05-6.12
Ancient Egypt AnEgt 6.13-6.19
Ancient Israel AnIsrl 6.20-6.24
Ancient India AInd 6.25-6.30
Ancient China AnCh 6.31-6.38
Ancient Greece AnGrc 6.39-6.50
Ancient Rome AnRom 6.51-6.62


Unit Name (on pacing) Abbreviation Objectives
Industrial Revolution and the Gilded Age IndRv 5.01-5.07
Progressive Era Prog 5.08-5.09
World War I WW1 5.10-5.13
Roaring Twenties and Great Depression 20sDp 5.14-5.16
World War II WW2 5.17-5.21
Post-World War II PWW2 5.22-5.23
Civil Rights Movement CRM 5.24-5.25
Tennessee Prior to Statehood TNPre 5.26-5.34
Statehood and Early Tennessee History EaTN 5.35-5.40
Tennessee in the Civil War Era TNCW 5.41-5.46
Tennessee in the 20th Century TN20 5.47-5.54


Unit Name (on pacing) Abbreviation Objectives
PreWar for Independence PreInd 4.01-4.05
War for Independence WrInd 4.06-4.10
Creating a New Government NwGvt 4.11-4.14
Building the New Nation NwNat 4.15-4.18
Growth of the Republic GrRep 4.19-4.24
The United States Prior to the Civil War PreCW 4.25-4.29
The Civil War CvWar 4.30-4.36
Reconstruction Rec 4.37-4.41


Unit Name (on pacing) Abbreviation Objectives
Maps and Globes MpGlb 3.01-3.05
World Geography WGeo 3.06-3.08
United States and Tennessee Geography USGeo 3.09-3.13
Economics Econ 3.14-3.18
Indigenous Peoples Through European Exploration InPpl 3.19-3.22
English Colonization of North America Colnz 3.23-3.28
Settlement West of the Appalachian Mountains SetW 3.29-3.31
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