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Accessing Assessment Reports

Updated Mar 26, 2021

This article describes how to access assessment reports. There are two types of reports available:

  • Session reports on individual student data
  • Classroom summary reports

Choose Assessment Reports

To access assessment reports for existing assessments using either of the following steps:

From the Reports menu on the top menu bar, choose Assessment Reports.

(Alternatively, from the “Manage Users” section on the left side of the page, click Assessment Reports.)

The Reports home page appears:

Find the Assessment

  1. Select the tab you want to use to find an assessment: either "By Assessment" information or "By Classroom/Teacher" information. The image above shows searching "By Assessment".
  2. Set the filters as needed:
    • Type: Benchmark or Classroom (required)
    • Subject (required)
    • Core - standards set
    • Title - any words contained in the title of the assessment
  3. Once the filters are set, assessments appear at the bottom.

Click the circle to the left of the assessment name (see image above), and click Search.

Immediately below the filter menu, you see a list of your assessment sessions. 

Session Reports

To access results on individual student performance, click on either of the View Sessions icons:

  • To see results for just one section, click the single man icon
  • To see all the sections at once, click on the right arrow

Note:  During benchmark testing reports revealing item details are not available until the window closes.

See Overview Report or Other Session Reports for additional information.

Classroom Summary

To see summary results for classroom performance (by standard, item or DOK), click the Classroom Summary icon (three people, highlighted below):

See Classroom Summary Report for further details. 

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