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Creating a New Passage

Updated Mar 26, 2021

Passages are sections of text that can accompany any item you create. Before adding one to an item, you or someone in your group should create the passage. 

Click Create New Passage

To create a new passage:

  1. Choose Item Bank from the top menu bar. The Search for Items page appears.
  2. Click Create New Passage.

Enter the Passage Information

On the Create New Passage page:

  • Enter any name or number for the passage identifier as the Item # (or use the one that is populated by default),
  • Choose an Item Bank (if more than one is available)
  • Choose a Genre 
  • Choose a Subject. (After adding one subject, the Add Another Subject becomes available if you need to specify more than one subject.)

Click Continue. The Edit or Create Passage page appears. 

Click the large + sign for "Add new."

Hover over the passage tile and click the + sign.

Enter a passage title into the "Heading" section. Enter the passage text in the "Contents" section.

As you enter text, use the formatting toolbar to format the text.

Note: Click SAVE any time while working or when you are finished. 

Once you save the passage, it is considered published and available for adding to items. 

Add Passage Properties

Open the More options section to enter passage properties such as Flesch-Kincaid and Lexile values.

If you insert any math into a passage, use the More Options section to click "Contains Mathematics." This interprets the math as necessary when previewing the passage.

Preview the Passage with Text-to-Speech

If your district uses text-to-speech, you can preview the way the passage is read by the text-to-speech reader:

  1. Click Save if you haven't already.
  2. Click Preview to enter the preview mode.
  3. Click Text-to-Speech to open the text-to-speech toolbar, and use it to read the item.

Refer to Controlling Text-to-Speech in the article Text-to-Speech Functionality for details on controlling the way words or phrases are pronounced by the text-to-speech reader.

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