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Exempting Students from Administration Requirements

Updated Oct 08, 2021

Some assessment schedules may have time limits (via the "Test Duration" option for either classroom or benchmark assessments) or may require students to use enCASE Kiosk. However, if there are students in your school or district who should always be exempt from time limits or using enCASE Kiosk, you may exempt them from these via settings on their individual user accounts. 

Exempting Students from enCASE Kiosk or Timed Tests

To make changes to these settings, edit a student user account using the following steps:

Choose Manage Schools from the menu bar.

Click the Manage School button alongside the student's school.

In the Manage Students section, click the Edit icon corresponding to the student:

To exempt a student from either enCASE Kiosk or time limits, click the corresponding checkboxes in the Test Administration Settings section:

Click Save All when you are finished.

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