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Optional District ON-OFF Switch for Student Assessment View

Updated Jul 30, 2021

When students log in, their dashboards display all the assessments available to them during the open testing window. However, the District Test Coordinator (DTC) can allow teachers and administrators to control whether assessments are visible during the open testing window. To do this, the DTC enables the "classroom switch" and chooses whether assessments are hidden or visible by default. Administrators and teachers can then control assessment visibility for each assessment and class. 

Enabling the Classroom Switch

To enable the classroom switch for a district, a DTC should follow these steps:

From the top menu, click the Manage Schools link. This opens the Manage Schools page with a "Manage Classroom Switch" section at the top of the page.

Click the Enable classroom switch for [the District] checkbox [1]. A saving operation occurs automatically, and you see a message indicating that data was saved. OFF and ON options appear [2].

The DTC has two choices for default test visibility:

  • Click OFF to hide assessments from students by default during the open testing window. Teachers or administrators must mark assessments as visible to students, class by class and assessment by assessment, as needed.
  • Click ON to make assessments visible by default during the open testing window. Teachers or administrators can hide assessments if needed, class by class and assessment by assessment.

Controlling Individual Assessment Visibility

After the DTC enables the classroom switch, each assessment can then be turned ON (visible) or OFF (hidden) by a teacher or administrator. In assessment lists on the teacher and administrator dashboards, the ON and OFF options are available for each assessment and class block.

Note: You can also access the assessment ON and OFF options when searching for a specific assessment schedule using Assessments > Schedules.

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