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enCASE Kiosk FAQ

Updated May 12, 2021

Have questions about securing the testing experience using enCASE Kiosk? Take a look below for answers to the most common questions, and review this article: Using enCASE Kiosk for Secure Testing

What is enCASE Kiosk?

enCASE Kiosk secures testing in enCASE in order to deter cheating. It locks the online testing environment by preventing the screen from being used for anything but testing, with the optional exception of video conferencing software for remote proctoring on PCs and Macs.

What technology is behind it?

enCASE Kiosk for Macs and PCs uses the Respondus LockDown Browser® solution to secure the testing experience.

enCASE Kiosk for Chromebook uses the capability of the Chromebook Kiosk App by Certica (TE21). 

What operating systems are supported? 

Windows 10 (or higher), Mac 10.13 (or higher), and Chromebooks (district-owned Chromebooks only). 

What if my students have personally-owned Chromebooks?

You may turn off the enCASE Kiosk requirement for those students. Edit the student's user account and check "Exempt from enCASE Kiosk."

For district-managed Chromebooks, refer to enCASE Kiosk Setup for Chromebooks.

What if my students have personally-owned PCs or Macs?

Students with their own PCs or Macs should install the student version of LockDown Browser. Refer to  enCASE Kiosk Setup for Windows or Mac for the software.

How do I distribute the software to PCs and Macs via my network? 

The installation file(s) for the LockDown Browser can be distributed to computers the same way as any other software. Since each district has their own policies and procedures for how they distribute software, there are no special network installation requirements. Refer to  enCASE Kiosk Setup for Windows or Mac for the software.

How do I get the Windows Lab Edition for PCs? 

Districts who control the installation centrally should request the Lab Edition of LockDown Browser by emailing HelpDesk@CerticaSolutions.com. There is an executable version of the installer or the MSI version available. Request the one you would like. A Certica Support Specialist will then provide you with a one-time download link on ShareFile. The download link expires after one week.

Do you have installation instructions we can send to parents or students?

Yes, contact the Help Desk for a PDF containing instructions for parents/students. 

How can we test out the enCASE Kiosk? 

Once you contact the HelpDesk to turn on enCASE Kiosk for your district, they will add an assessment named “Testing with enCASE Secure Kiosk” to your account in enCASE. You can then schedule that assessment for a class just like you would a benchmark test. The assessment is a 3 question test with very simple instructions and can be taken at any grade level. 

Is there a way to turn off enCASE Kiosk?

Yes, you can turn off the enCASE Kiosk requirement for all schools, for only specific assessments, or for only specific students. 

  • If no schools in the district want to secure testing with enCASE Kiosk, contact the Help Desk for assistance in turning if off. 
  • If you want to turn off the secured testing requirement for certain benchmark assessments, a district administrator may choose Assessments > Assign Schools. From there, they can select the assessment and the schools, and check the box next to "Require enCASE Kiosk" to turn it off. 
  • If you want to turn off the secured testing environment for a classroom assessment, edit the schedule. Refer to Adding Administration Settings for Classroom Assessments
  • If you want to turn off secured testing for just one student, a school or district administrator may edit the student's user account and check "Exempt from enCASE Kiosk." Refer to Exempting Students from Administration Requirements

Can we use tele-meeting software like GoToMeeting, Zoom, or WebEx?

Yes, on PCs and Macs (not Chromebooks). Although enCASE Kiosk prohibits the use of other applications during an assessment, you may make an exception for video conferencing software for remote proctoring purposes (on PCs and Macs). Supported video conferencing applications are: Zoom, GoToMeetingTM , or any video conferencing software that runs in a browser (such as Google MeetTM). These may run in the background so that teachers can watch students while they are taking an assessment. 

Once your district is set up to use video conferencing:

  • Students need to download and launch the video conferencing application before starting the test.
  • Students need to select all settings before starting the test. For example, they will need to turn on their video, unmute, etc.
  • Virtual backgrounds are not supported.
  • Video conferencing applications run in the background but without controls. 

Note: enCASE does not manage the video conferencing meeting invitations or links. Districts need to manage and distribute video-conferencing links to students either via email, LMS, or other messaging service, as they normally do outside of enCASE.

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